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Year-End 2016

Dear Clients and Friends,

As 2016 winds down, a lame-duck Congress is unlikely to take action on tax legislation. The pace of activity may change next year, with a new Administration and ongoing talk of tax reform, and 2017 could bring welcome and needed improvements.  Whatever happens, we're here to keep you updated as events unfold in the tax world.

Until political clarity emerges, however, you're smart to make the most of established rules in your year-end tax planning.  Evaluate your financial situation, select what moves will provide the most savings, and execute your plan in a timely manner.  Currently available deductions, credits, and other tax benefits will reduce your 2016 tax burden and put you on track to accommodate new planning opportunities as they arise in the future.

Please follow the link in "Tax Planning Tips" to find suggestions and strategies to help you achieve your tax-saving plans.  Contact us for answers to questions you may have, and to arrange a year-end tax review.  As always, feel free to share this website with friends and associates who are interested in minimizing taxes. 


Kathleen Indiano CPA, PFS